cookies and milk my ass

Ok. It’s the holiday season and the promised updates have taken a backseat as I’ve been too busy playing Santa. After all of the shopping this Santa needs a filthy ho ho ho.

The only thing more fun than fat girls is fat tires so maybe St. Nick will bring me one of these. I stole this pic from riderx over at http://www.singlespeedoutlaw.com/ If you’re not familiar with that site then maybe you should quit reading this pathetic drivel and go see what a real website looks like. He has a great write-up and linkage concerning this year’s Punk Bike Enduro. Too bad we’re so far away because that sounds like good times. As cool as a Pugsley would be I’m pretty sure that the Element in the pic will be added to our garage first as my hottie wife deserves a new set of wheels more than I. With 3 moutain bikes already in the quiver, if I buy another anytime soon a bicycles seat will be the only thing abusing my undercarriage. Speaking of abuse, if anyone desires a barely used Cannondale cyclocross bike I know a lazy bastard who has one fo sale. (with disc brakes and shit no less) If you’ve ever done ‘cross and really dig it my hat is off to you. Last year I read all kinds of huh-bub about it and it sounded like fun. Muddy conditions, beer tents, screaming friends…who wouldn’t dig that? Well, my first and only cx event consisted of warm dry weather, no beer, and me getting beat like a blind carpenter’s thumb. I did have one guy hollering for me. It was a pity holler but I appreciated it. Thanks Ray. I still planned to keep the ‘cross bike for road riding but, after seeing how many folks get turned into speed bumps these days, I’ve had enough of that to. If I ever want to do cyclocross again my singlespeed is more than capable of that. And if I ever want to put in long boring ass miles on the road… I won’t. Well, there’s another submission for the Shitty Blog Post of the Year competition. Hopefully we’ll get another one o’ them fandangled dee-gee-tul cam-ruhs soon and these will get better. I hope that everyone (ie: all two of you that read this) have a Merry Christmas. And to anyone out there listening, the Santa at our house digs vodka and thigh high stockings.

Go ride yo bike.


kevin said...

Our Santa's must be related; ours likes tequila though.

Jill said...

If Santa brings me a Pugsley,I'll leave him all the tequila he wants