Greedy Gus

Man, I’m needing some bicycle stoke right now. I was all pumped Friday afternoon. I was looking forward to a meeting with everyone from the bmx track to get things rolling for the upcoming year of racing. Unfortunately the meeting left something to be desired. I found that the overall agenda of the meeting was pretty much to figure out new ways to beg for money to “fix” our track. ??? I’m sure that if you asked most of the kiddoes they wouldn’t think that the track was broken. The only issue I brought up during the meeting was that I would like to make the bmx races more accessible to the less fortunate kids who ride the track during the week but don’t have the parental support and/or funds to buy helmets, buy decent bikes, afford ABA memberships, etc…that is required for them to enter the races held there.That idea was pretty much met with a patronizing “you just don’t understand” attitude. Oh well. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I’ll just take my spare change and throw it at building a mini-bowl to introduce my boy Jake to skateboarding rather than improving a racetrack for a chosen few.


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