Stoke Received

Jake and I rode practice at the BMX track last night and had a blast. He had as much fun climbing trees and playing with the other kids as he did riding his bike and I always like watching him do all of that. He’s hilarious. I rode the 24” and actually felt like I had improved slightly by the end of the night. How I can feel so at home on my mountain bikes and so sketchy on my cruiser is strange. It seems like not too long ago it was the other way around. Oh well. I have no intentions of setting the world on fire. I don’t even have intentions of actually racing. As long as I can ride with Jake without embarrassing him too much all is cool.

Funny kid story: Jake was with his grandpa at a gas station the other day and had to use the restroom. While he’s standing there taking care of things he says “Pa, I need a dolla.” When his grandpa chuckled and asked him why he pointed up at the condom machine and said “P’cause, I want to buy one of these lottery tickets.” … He wasn’t too far off.

I hope that everyone gets to ride their bikes today.

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