further explanation

My last post has been buggin’ me. Despite the harsh words I actually really like one of the dudes I mentioned. (really makes you want to be considered a friend of mine doesn’t it?) All I’m sayin’ is that my wife wouldn’t get within 10’ feet of me if I sat around and talked about Star Wars and shit. Hey, I dug the first 3. I just can’t imagine discussing them with anyone. And by the first 3 I mean Star Wars and the two after it. Enough with the whole “well that was actually the fourth…” Kiss my ass. Go jerk off to a pic of Capt’n Kirk already. I don’t suppose a person can help it if they dig the whole dungeons n’ dragons gig. You can’t explain taste. I would just think it would be something you kept to yourself the same way one would hide their twisted interest in kiddie porn or Scott Stapp.

That is all.


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kevin said...

You mean short-dick Scott? Funny how Kid Rock had no qualms with the release of their homemade porn tape but yet Scott's freaking. Either he's way underhung or he's doing some way naughty bits with dingleberries. Either way it's a bid visual.