juice boxes & pillow talk

We went to the BMX track last Thursday night. Jake did pretty good. He won his first moto and was a damn close second in the next 2. He tried hard & had fun. You can't ask for more than that. But his night of impressing mom & dad wasn't over. The little kid who got 3rd was bummed & wasn't really into picking up his 3rd place ribbon. Jake delivered it to him anyway and gave him an 'atta boy' for riding hard. Didn't think I could get much more proud of my 5 year old than that. THEN on the way home we're pulling onto the turnpike, Libbi and I are in the front of the car shooting the bull, and all of a sudden from the backseat (in his best moster truck announcer voice) comes "SHAKE THEM TITS!" ..... Lib and I shoot each other a wide-eyed look and then force ourselves to look straight ahead because we are both about to laugh our asses off. I'm telling myself that I've gotta gather it up and, without laughing, let him know that we can't just say shit like that. Before I can gather it up he throws out another solid "SHAKE THEM TITS!" We couldn't contain it anymore. We laughed. We're bad parents.

I see his prom date ending like this.

Shake 'em,


kevin said...

i wish mine would've ended like that

tom said...

i was just about to say the same thing :)