papa got a brand new bike (on the way)

Well, as much as I dig the Black Sheep frame posted by Kevin I just can’t swing that kind of wampum. So, I went ahead and placed my order for an ’06 Gary Fisher Rig. Yep. I know. It’s probably not as “cool” as piecing together an Indy Fab, Surly, or (gulp) Jones frame from scratch but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and easier. I’m all about cheap and easy. (Just ask my wonderful wife about the chicks that I dated before she came along.) The Rig has a lot of things that turn me on: 29er, Ecc BB, Avid mech disks, etc… I’m not to sure how long it will be before I replace the Reba with a rigid fork but I’ll give it a shot. Why rigid? #1: I just like the feel of a rigid fork. #2: I live in rural Oklahoma. I get enough strange stairs from rednecks on backroads as it is. To those folks there is only one Reba and I’d rather gargle my own alcohol enriched urine than have someone think that I listen to that shit. It would seem that a pic of a GF Rig would go well with this post but we all know what those look like. So, I’ll simply attach a pic that represents how stoked I am for it to get here.



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