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I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it on here before but I grew up racing motorcycles. I started out just riding dirt bikes and 3-wheelers with my dad for fun. In 1987 I graduated from blue jeans & t-shirts to “real” riding gear and entered my first race. From then on I was hooked. Unfortunately we raced intermittently. Sometimes that was due to financial reasons. Other times it was a product of my dad’s particular dating situation at that time. Ya know, life just gets in the way of having fun sometimes. Nonetheless I developed some decent skills and can hold my own when it comes to the church of the twisted wrist. All throughout my moto addiction I still rode my bmx bike every day. Had my dad been into bmx I probably never would have developed an interest in motorcycles. SO, that’s what I’m hoping for my boy Jake. I’ve rid the toy box of dirt bikes….almost. A few years back some friends and I all picked up XR100’s and those things are more fun than a new set of titties. So, yesterday I backslid a bit. I’ve been working on this killer pump track in our yard for the bicycles. It’s almost done. There are still a few dumptruck loads of dirt sitting next to it waiting for final placement in coming weeks. Two of the piles just happened to be the perfect distance for a little double for the 100. I couldn’t stand it any longer. After about 10 minutes with the shovel I had it roughed out, threw on the full-face, fired up the XR, and (with Jake standing there seeing what he should never see) I fell of the proverbial wagon. Mmmm it was good. I rolled around the little corner in second gear, seat bounced (BRAAPP), and caught perfect backside. Damn that’s fun. Like any old drunk I couldn’t stop until the bottle (tank) was empty. … I’ve gotta get rid of those damn piles of dirt. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to rent a tractor, place the final loads on the pump track, and be back on the wagon.

I’d love to post pics of our pump track but just haven’t gotten around to taking any. Will try to do that by the end of the week.


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