if only they made percoset bubblegum

My lower back has been bothering me all week. It's nothing new. Occasionally it does this for a day, maybe two, then goes away. Standing up straight isn't uncomfortable, but the slightest bend forward sends a shot of pain, makes my knees buckle, and makes me whimper like a 12 year old getting touched by her uncle. For some reason this week it has grown increasingly worse. The one weekend I actually have something planned. So, I did what any other self respecting dude would do and signed up for this http://www.doubleshotduathlon.com/ this morning online. I'm stoked about it. I've spent the last 20 years racing motocross, cross-country, and a little TT with a motor underneath me but I have never done anything like this and have absolutely no idea what to expect. I have no expectations of doing well, just doing it for the experience. Have I been training? Hell no. Just my normal schedule of riding, trick-fuckin', and drinkin'. Should be interesting. If by some chance the chiropractor doesn't fix things this afternoon and this back thing doesn't go away then I guess I just donated 35 bucks. Hell, if you can spend it on a lap dance then you can spend it on some folks who are doing something really cool.

Go do something,

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dave K said...

Buddy - no sticker pack...no note....whattup? Did you get the plans? the bowl is skating SICK...bought 6 sheets skatelite (OUCH) and planning on more...the Clam is a rocket...keep me posted...we are going to come out and build your dream ramp. BTW...had a son 8.20....all is awesome! BE in touch!