Proof Post #1

Well, I hate to put anything on here in front of Kevin's excellent tale of doing something worthwhile but....life and shitty posts must continue on. I posted on here back in May raving about ordering a Gary Fisher Rig but never said anything about it once it arrived. Well, I received it near the end of May and my Slayer has seen the trail very little since then. In fact I only choose it for about 1 out of every 10 rides. The Rig is great! I really expected to swap the Reba for a rigid fork but so far I sort of dig it. This shot of my wife's Electra on "bike-wash-afternoon", with it in the background, is the only pic I currently have of it. Not that it's anything interesting. It looks like any other Rig with the exception of the sexy leopard seat. Just thought I should show some proof.

Go for a ride,

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