Proof Post #2

I live in rural Oklahoma. It is a 30 minute drive to our local trails for me. Continually driving to ride my bike seems a little strange so I made a trail loop on our property. I'm the only one who's ridden it and Kevin had begun to doubt their existence.....thus the post. Currently it only takes around 4 minutes and change to make a lap. I know, shorter than a pair of Gary Coleman's clamdiggers. Nonetheless, it really is a fun loop. It's fun in the sort of way that a backyard mini ramp is fun. You get in tune with every little detail of the trail and can experiment with different riding styles. I usually go out every other day and hit it as hard as I can for at least an hour. (Yeah Yeah. I hear all you "training" type folk out there. Look, I gots a fun family, a job, and normal life stuff. Every ride can't be an epic. I'm real happy for you, your training log, and your heartrate monitor.) When your tires are the ONLY ones riding a trail you really get an appreciation for just how long it takes them to get that 'buffed' feeling. I'm sure that I will continually add to this trail and, if the additions look cool, I'll throw 'em on here. ... ok...i'm having technical retardation with placing the pics where i want in the post so 2 will have to do it for this one....more to come.

Go ride,

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kevin said...

Bears DO shit in the woods! The trails exist and look cool; good job Boudreaux!