dead man riding

I've found a new trick to progressing one's riding. Motivation thru threat of The Reaper. See, I've got this fear of commercial air travel. When I was a little kid I flew a lot. As I got older I got to thinking about things. I realized that just because a dude has little wings pinned to his chest and his boxers smell like stewardess doesn't necessarily mean he isn't a fuckin' whack job. How do I know that his wife didn't just dump him for the proverbial milkman and he's ready to lawn dart me and the rest of the cattle into mama earth just to make that bitch of his pay? (actually then she would have the milkman AND his life insurance but you know how dudes don't think) I know. This is a stupid fuckin' phobia. Millions of people fly every day and live to tell about it. ...the ones whose planes actually take off and land safely anyway. When they do crash how many folks get to pop that little door open and slide down that inflatable slide? Riiiight. That shit happens. .......... Anyway, what I was originally saying, progression. I've gotta fly to Houston for some stupid engineering forum this Thursday (Nov 2nd). Down and back in one day. Luckily I get to race both motorcycles AND atv's this coming weekend (Nove 4th & 5th) and I'm pumped about that. I can't remember that last time I've even ridden a "real" motorcycle. So this weekend I got to ride with my bro's on our little private piece of land and had a blast. Spent some time getting comfy on the YZ450 I'll be racing. I got so comfortable that I found a gap jump I hadn't hit before. How big? Well, like any guy forced to give you a length without actually measuring I'm gonna err on the side of making me look cool. I think it was around 50-60 ft. Not big by any means on a regular race track. but when you're jumping out of one ditch and over another, you've got an unprepped take off about the width of your tire, the run-up requires dodging a tree or two, and coming up short isn't an option...that distant looks a little more...manly. I rolled over it a couple of times and HERE is where the whole "progression through fear" comes in. I figured I had 2 choices.

#1: I could puss out, not hit it, and die in a plane crash without having done it.

#2: I could hit it, eat shit, and maybe get hurt bad enough that I wouldn't have to fly on Thursday.

Wow. I wish it was this easy to decide what I want at Arbys. This was a no-brainer. I went for it. First one came up just a tad short and caught my rear wheel on the vertical wall of the far side of the ditch. My right wrist and ankle felt it but I rode out of it. I then had to hit it again immediately. The longer you wait the harder it is. I hit it again, this time a little with a little more balls, and was over it easily. Whew! It felt good to push myself. Now if I'm sharing a bottle of vodka with The Reaper at least I can do it with my head a little higher. Shit.



ramp project in process

It's a slow process...but it's started. A little history here. When I was a kid I lived in the same place that I do now. Due to other's misfortune our old house was vacant and when my wife and I first got married we moved into it. Behind that house is a cabinet shop that my dad built. Well, we finally built a new house a few years back, the old one is now gone, but the shop remains. While the house sat vacant all those years the shop did not. It became storage for anything and everything my grandparents didn't want to throw away. (this means everything they came in contact with) The contents of the shop has fluctuated over the years. I've gotten it pretty clean at times only to let it go at others. It's got a lot of my crap in it but there is still tons of...I don't even know what it is. I do know it's gotta go. I've been talking with Dave (see mongolian link to the right) about building a mini and he has been a huge help. Basically this post is for Dave just to prove that I am working on it a little at a time. Here's a pic of the shop as it was Saturday morning:

Yeah I know. Pretty nasty and it's a horrible pic. But now (dave) you get an idea of what I've got going. 30x50 and full of shit. Anyway, I just started grabbing things and throwing them in the truck. All of this was next to the "refreshments" fridge.

Wow. That looks sorta like a problem. .... Anyway, I was able to get 2 loads like this to the dump.

At least having a shithole catch-all like the shop allows me to keep the real garage fairly clean.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have the opportunity to make a few more trips. It's not the fun part of the project but it's gotta be done. Once I get a spot clean I can start annoying Dave again with dimension questions, pool coping questions, and the age old "to skatelite or not to skatelite". But I think I know the answer to that last one.



if this is what they consider hard...

....then I'd say a Viagra salesman could make a KILLING at their wife's next tupperware party.

This is a pic of me from Sunday's race. At the top of this little trail there was some signage indicating which trail was easy and which one was hard. Since this line was considered "hard" it's pretty obvious why no amount of technical ability could make up for my lousy fitness.

Nonetheless, the trails at McMurtry are a blast. This picture is not indicative of how much fun they are. There's a lot of flow hidden back in the woods and I highly recommend them.

Me no train,


beat down received

I did the McMurtry Madness mountain bike race yesterday. Rode the singlespeed. Entered Sport. I think there were somewhere around 6 to 8 dudes in my race. I hit the woods in last much like my duathlon experience. I do better when I get out of the serious folks way and learn what I can. I passed two guys after the first couple of miles. Somewhere on the first lap one of those passed me back as I pushed the bike up a technical little hill that required a much lower gear to clean. I cheered him on and he was very cool. We both agreed that a beer stop in the woods would be nice. This trend continued throughout the short little race. I'd let folks by as they caught me, I'd cheer them on, and sometimes they were cool. I got a kick out of the dudes going by with it turned up to 11. Rock on in the Sport class racer boys. We all suck...but glad you're going for the gold. I'm glad I did it but it was a strange experience. I was surprised by how many dudes were taking things so serious. They'd catch me grunting and wheezing like they were about to die. In fact, as one dude went by he answered my "Lookin' good. Howzit goin'?" by simply saying "suffering." Yeah, well...good luck with that shit. I didn't push that hard. The race was around 16 miles long. I rode around by myself at a comfortable pace and then tried to ride sorta hard for the last 2 miles. This caused my asthma to kick in and me to choke like Mama Cass on a ham sandwich. Pretty damn pathetic. Turns out I don't have the lungs, legs, or (most importantly) the WANT to do that kind of racing. Much respect to those who do. Nonetheless I had a fun day. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, Libbi went with me. We plowed through the Krispy Kremes on the way there and enjoyed a good lunch aftewards. That was cool. As far as me doing another moutainbike race, probably not gonna happen. Sitting in the car waiting for my race seemed ridiculous. Those trails were just sitting out there while I sat around waiting to ride them. All just so I could leave with a bunch of dudes, half of which were in their underwear, at the same time. No thanks.

I'm slow,


ain't nothin' but money

Kevin sent me an email with this link
and the following comment:

"now I know I don't have 2G laying around but I figured you did"

Well, I looked. Nope. No 2G's laying around. Not even 1G. But while I was looking I did find a Sonic peppermint and a Zeke CD under the seat of my truck. Bonus. The deal on the Nomad is a fine one indeed. Ya know, I don't mind bein' regular joe 9 to 5'er. I prefer beer to champagne, I'm scared of flying so the private jet would be wasted, and I'm sure even coked out strippers get annoying after a while. If only the toys were free. Oh well. I'm more than content with the 2 bikes I've got. But if you're not...check out the Nomad deal.



my problems with the cycling community ver. 1.0

This has been brewing for awhile and came up in conversation again today. I know I probably shouldn't care, especially when it comes to the MS150 which after all is more about raising money than bike riding but you have to at least try to ride it all. I wanna hear a "fuck yeah I'm riding it all, even if it kills me!"

This edited post was taken from an email I sent to Buddy looong time ago, but I saved a copy for days just like today.

There's a mentality that goes on in cycling that disgusts me; and it goes like this.

Kevin: dude, you doing the MS150 this year?
Dude: yea man, it'll be cool
Kevin: have you been riding? i haven't seen you at the organized training rides.
Dude: nah man, i'll just ride as far as i can and sag the rest
Kevin: huh?

Kevin: dude, you doing the HH100 this year?
Dude: yea man, it'll be cool
Kevin: have you been riding?
Dude: nah man, I’ll just ride as far as i can and sag the rest
Kevin: huh? I thought the goal was to man up and ride 100 in the heat?
Dude: we'll see

Whatever happened to commitment? Whatever happened to goals?

Now comes a KICK-ASS wife story that carries the proper attitude:
In 2005 she decides she wants to ride in the Flower Power. It's a ride that originates in Muskogee that David's a big volunteer at, and she decides she wants to ride the 62 mile version. She'd only ridden 20 miles that spring and other than that none since the previous summer. Well it's hot and the route had several climbs, one was probably a half-miler that was freaking' steep, and there was another that's probably 1.5 miles and is a monster. Now she can't make either but on the big long sustained climb she gets off the bike and starts pushing. I'm at the top chatting with David and he goes back to her and see if she wants help. (He's driving the support van.) He pulls up and asks if she wants to put her bike in and get a ride to the top. She tells him to....drum roll please...FUCK OFF!!! She tells him she committed to 62 and by god she'll do 62 without anyone’s help!!!! Yeah BABY! The ordeal damn near killer her but you see she had COMMITTED to it.

I'd have done her on the spot if she'd have let me.

My wife inspires me; these fuckers devastate me.


remember this guy?

Click the title shit to read the article about brother man Rich from Cali; he of wanton bike desire, he who rocked when forced to rock, he who showed mad skills when he had none, he who just broke his thumb...OFF! That's right, that was the doc's prognosis. I repeat, not broke, but broke off! Here's a few pics:

Now he's got some kick-ass titanium to go along with his kick-ass Serotta!

Seems he was on his lunch group ride doing some high speed descending when he hit an oil spot ala Joseba Beloki in the '03 TdF.

Which caused uni-baller #7 to do this:

Instead of high-siding though he went under the bike and caught himself with his hand until the pain got too grand and he decided to go for the face grind. (Which I've always believed was a much tougher and cooler way to come to a halt.) Know what really sucks when you do shit like this? You gotta ride back. Rich had 5 miles back to the office which he said wasn't too bad; at least not too bad UNTIL he had to cross the railroad tracks! I'm sure that pain made him get the cold chills. Anyway, he made it to the ER at 2:30 and at 6:30 he was in surgery. I guess you get the express treatment when you don't just break a bone, but when you break one off! The doc's determined the surgery was a success but getting him to stay off of a bike will be harder than getting Martha Stewart off on dirty sheets.

Way to go bro; better you than me.

And one last thing; this is oh so sauteed in wrong sauce:

Quit it you fucking morons, quit trying to be so cool, just ride your fucking bike!

As Buddy said before "Don't forget to flip the collar up on your shirt." And as I've said before, you're todays Dick Numero Uno.

making the world a better place


You've read about it, you've seen pics... Hell, maybe you're one of the fortunate ones who has actually been there or one of the good folk who has helped build it. Soon we will all be able to get a little slice of it into our dvd players. Watching the world go by from your couch isn't advisable but I see this as inspiration. Inspiration to get more folks to shake a leg and make something fun. This is what I envision for our little 80 acre corner of the world...but for bicycles. (And yes Dave the ramp in the shop. The ramp WILL happen too.) For the bicycles it will be nothing but simple DIY trails. Not big "hucks" and things like that. Sure there will be the occasional ladder bridge and parts where you come off the ground on our trails but only if the flow takes you there. Just dropping off of something to say you did it doesn't mean it's fun or make it feel good. I did some planning this weekend and came up with some cool stuff. I've already got a fun little snake run type trail planned that should take very little effort to bring to life. The snake run then links to some existing cow trails, makes it's way back into some dense woods.... and then it started raining. More trail, and pics of said trail, to come.



Pop My Cherry

This coming weekend, Sunday the 22nd to be exact, is the Tour de Dirt race at McMurtry. This is gonna be my "first" moutain bike race. I put first in quotes because I actually entered a race at Keystone a few years back but only made 1/2 a lap before flatting out. This was back before I carried pump & tube with me at all times. Does a DNF mean it never happened? No. But I didn't get enough to know if I like the taste. This weekend I'll give it another shot. Much like the duathlon I have no idea what to expect. Have no idea how hard to go and when. But then I'm not racing to win. Just racing to race. I'll be riding the Rig but not entering the singlespeed class. I'll just sign up for Sport and give it what I've got on that day. I'm kind of excited in curious sort of way. And to make it even cooler my hottie wife is going with me. I think she's just going for the cheese fries at Joe's aftewards. Can't say I blame her.

Go race?


From Ricky Carmichael to Ricky Bobby

Probably mentioned this on here before but just to refresh... I grew up racing motocross. Lived and breathed it. Now my friends and I just have XR100's to goof off on but I'll always be a huge fan. That being said, I am NOT a fan of folks riding dirt bikes in national parks and such. I have no idea why they do that. Don't see the fun in it. Dirt bikes are fun on racetracks, not trails. But that's a post for another day. So to get back to what this post is for....

Last week I heard that Ricky Carmichael was going to have a BIG announcement on October 12th. Now I didn't necessarily mark it on my calendar but I was interested. I was hopeful that he had changed his mind and was going to go ahead and race full time for '07. Turns out it was only this: http://www.racerxill.com/articles/detail/1168/rcs-big-announcement.aspx Great. There is no other form of racing that could do such a stellar job of taking the fun and excitement out of watching RC. Maybe some folks are looking forward to watching him drive in a big circle with a bunch of other cars for hours. In fact, I'm sure that's what Jeb here is getting this important call about.

Whut? One o' dem dere motorsickle racers? He whut?! Raced a japuhneez sickle? Well sheee-it.

I'll be watching Ricky Bobby instead. It's got cougars an' shit.


you're only as comfortable with life as you are on your bike

The guys in charge of the Doubleshot Duathlon put a bunch of pics of the race up on their site and gave permission to steal 'em. So I did.

It's been a damn weird week for me. Things that have nothing to do with bikes have made it a weird week. Last night I took the SS out for a ride and it felt completely wrong. I've hated the bars since the first time I rode it as they are damn near broom handle straight. However, nothing else felt right last night. The bars were too straight and low, the seat felt way too far forward, and the seatpost is getting increasingly harder to keep at the correct height. I've had issues with all of these things for the last few months but last night it was like it all sucked at the same time. Is that due to strangeness of the week? Who knows. What I do know is I'm changing shit up. I'm throwing some Mary bars on and that will require a stem swap due to the oversized Bontrager it comes with. A Thomson will be thrown in it's place. To fix the seat post slippage and seat placement woes I'm gonna get a Thomson setback seatpost. The setback should cure the seat position and the little machining marks that Thomson posts have should keep things more secure. Nothing a little cash won't fix. Too bad everything isn't that easy.

Be good,


McMurtry doesn't rock, it rolls.

We rode the Lake McMurtry trails in Stillwater this weekend. (kevin, david, & i) Those are a blast. For anyone in the area who hasn't been I highly recommend them. For the most part it is like riding a long skinny BMX track. The dirt is mostly packed and buff. There are little rises and berms all over. Occasionally the trail dips into a draw roughly 2 stories deep and then you're back to swooping and rolling through the trees on relatively flat ground. Yeah, I know...sort of the opposite of "mountain" biking. Tons of F-L-O-W though. There are plenty of berms to lean in to and tons of little transitions where you can bunny-hop early, catch downside, and pump on down the trail. There are 2 trailheads. I preferred the trails on the southern side of the lake but both are fun and well worth the $5 fee as the park service really does a good job of maintaining things. Keep an eye out for the surly old park ranger. He rolled up, collected the dough from the drop box, and then played daddy by scolding me for riding around the parking lot without my helmet. GASP! Flat gravel parking lot without the ever so protective bicycle helmet perched high on my head. Watch out Johnny Knoxville. I'm gunnin' for your gig. Anyway, they are having a race at McMurtry on Oct. 22nd. Not sure yet if I'm going to take part in that or not. I do know that I'll be riding there again very soon.

Go ride 'em,



Ahhh, Interbike; where porn truly meets two wheels. Not a ton of words; the pic's should speak for themselves; but I'll speak anyway.

Killer skatepark bike.

Peaty's awesome Santa Cruz.

The sweetest Intense yet. They're workin' hard for my money.

Ouch!!! But purdy.

Ooh, my Bianchi was purchased just in time or I think I'd spend the big dosh on this cutie.

And this honey's got my name all over it and may get my DNA all over it one of these days.

If money was no object.....

I repeat; if money was no object...

ROADTRIP! It was good enough for Ferrentino.

And one just 'cause.

Insert brilliantly funny remarks here.