ain't nothin' but money

Kevin sent me an email with this link
and the following comment:

"now I know I don't have 2G laying around but I figured you did"

Well, I looked. Nope. No 2G's laying around. Not even 1G. But while I was looking I did find a Sonic peppermint and a Zeke CD under the seat of my truck. Bonus. The deal on the Nomad is a fine one indeed. Ya know, I don't mind bein' regular joe 9 to 5'er. I prefer beer to champagne, I'm scared of flying so the private jet would be wasted, and I'm sure even coked out strippers get annoying after a while. If only the toys were free. Oh well. I'm more than content with the 2 bikes I've got. But if you're not...check out the Nomad deal.


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