beat down received

I did the McMurtry Madness mountain bike race yesterday. Rode the singlespeed. Entered Sport. I think there were somewhere around 6 to 8 dudes in my race. I hit the woods in last much like my duathlon experience. I do better when I get out of the serious folks way and learn what I can. I passed two guys after the first couple of miles. Somewhere on the first lap one of those passed me back as I pushed the bike up a technical little hill that required a much lower gear to clean. I cheered him on and he was very cool. We both agreed that a beer stop in the woods would be nice. This trend continued throughout the short little race. I'd let folks by as they caught me, I'd cheer them on, and sometimes they were cool. I got a kick out of the dudes going by with it turned up to 11. Rock on in the Sport class racer boys. We all suck...but glad you're going for the gold. I'm glad I did it but it was a strange experience. I was surprised by how many dudes were taking things so serious. They'd catch me grunting and wheezing like they were about to die. In fact, as one dude went by he answered my "Lookin' good. Howzit goin'?" by simply saying "suffering." Yeah, well...good luck with that shit. I didn't push that hard. The race was around 16 miles long. I rode around by myself at a comfortable pace and then tried to ride sorta hard for the last 2 miles. This caused my asthma to kick in and me to choke like Mama Cass on a ham sandwich. Pretty damn pathetic. Turns out I don't have the lungs, legs, or (most importantly) the WANT to do that kind of racing. Much respect to those who do. Nonetheless I had a fun day. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, Libbi went with me. We plowed through the Krispy Kremes on the way there and enjoyed a good lunch aftewards. That was cool. As far as me doing another moutainbike race, probably not gonna happen. Sitting in the car waiting for my race seemed ridiculous. Those trails were just sitting out there while I sat around waiting to ride them. All just so I could leave with a bunch of dudes, half of which were in their underwear, at the same time. No thanks.

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