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You've read about it, you've seen pics... Hell, maybe you're one of the fortunate ones who has actually been there or one of the good folk who has helped build it. Soon we will all be able to get a little slice of it into our dvd players. Watching the world go by from your couch isn't advisable but I see this as inspiration. Inspiration to get more folks to shake a leg and make something fun. This is what I envision for our little 80 acre corner of the world...but for bicycles. (And yes Dave the ramp in the shop. The ramp WILL happen too.) For the bicycles it will be nothing but simple DIY trails. Not big "hucks" and things like that. Sure there will be the occasional ladder bridge and parts where you come off the ground on our trails but only if the flow takes you there. Just dropping off of something to say you did it doesn't mean it's fun or make it feel good. I did some planning this weekend and came up with some cool stuff. I've already got a fun little snake run type trail planned that should take very little effort to bring to life. The snake run then links to some existing cow trails, makes it's way back into some dense woods.... and then it started raining. More trail, and pics of said trail, to come.


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kevin said...

You are on a roll my friend, another excellent post!

I'm digging your brand of peanut butter there too. As I've stated before, I've got a hammer, free time, some cash, some beer, and a hell of a good attitude, but a poor work ethic. I'm down with helping out fo sho tho.