McMurtry doesn't rock, it rolls.

We rode the Lake McMurtry trails in Stillwater this weekend. (kevin, david, & i) Those are a blast. For anyone in the area who hasn't been I highly recommend them. For the most part it is like riding a long skinny BMX track. The dirt is mostly packed and buff. There are little rises and berms all over. Occasionally the trail dips into a draw roughly 2 stories deep and then you're back to swooping and rolling through the trees on relatively flat ground. Yeah, I know...sort of the opposite of "mountain" biking. Tons of F-L-O-W though. There are plenty of berms to lean in to and tons of little transitions where you can bunny-hop early, catch downside, and pump on down the trail. There are 2 trailheads. I preferred the trails on the southern side of the lake but both are fun and well worth the $5 fee as the park service really does a good job of maintaining things. Keep an eye out for the surly old park ranger. He rolled up, collected the dough from the drop box, and then played daddy by scolding me for riding around the parking lot without my helmet. GASP! Flat gravel parking lot without the ever so protective bicycle helmet perched high on my head. Watch out Johnny Knoxville. I'm gunnin' for your gig. Anyway, they are having a race at McMurtry on Oct. 22nd. Not sure yet if I'm going to take part in that or not. I do know that I'll be riding there again very soon.

Go ride 'em,

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kevin said...

Let me tell ya something bike geeks; ol' Buddy there killed it all fucking day long!

His antics are gonna get me hurt.