Pop My Cherry

This coming weekend, Sunday the 22nd to be exact, is the Tour de Dirt race at McMurtry. This is gonna be my "first" moutain bike race. I put first in quotes because I actually entered a race at Keystone a few years back but only made 1/2 a lap before flatting out. This was back before I carried pump & tube with me at all times. Does a DNF mean it never happened? No. But I didn't get enough to know if I like the taste. This weekend I'll give it another shot. Much like the duathlon I have no idea what to expect. Have no idea how hard to go and when. But then I'm not racing to win. Just racing to race. I'll be riding the Rig but not entering the singlespeed class. I'll just sign up for Sport and give it what I've got on that day. I'm kind of excited in curious sort of way. And to make it even cooler my hottie wife is going with me. I think she's just going for the cheese fries at Joe's aftewards. Can't say I blame her.

Go race?

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