ramp project in process

It's a slow process...but it's started. A little history here. When I was a kid I lived in the same place that I do now. Due to other's misfortune our old house was vacant and when my wife and I first got married we moved into it. Behind that house is a cabinet shop that my dad built. Well, we finally built a new house a few years back, the old one is now gone, but the shop remains. While the house sat vacant all those years the shop did not. It became storage for anything and everything my grandparents didn't want to throw away. (this means everything they came in contact with) The contents of the shop has fluctuated over the years. I've gotten it pretty clean at times only to let it go at others. It's got a lot of my crap in it but there is still tons of...I don't even know what it is. I do know it's gotta go. I've been talking with Dave (see mongolian link to the right) about building a mini and he has been a huge help. Basically this post is for Dave just to prove that I am working on it a little at a time. Here's a pic of the shop as it was Saturday morning:

Yeah I know. Pretty nasty and it's a horrible pic. But now (dave) you get an idea of what I've got going. 30x50 and full of shit. Anyway, I just started grabbing things and throwing them in the truck. All of this was next to the "refreshments" fridge.

Wow. That looks sorta like a problem. .... Anyway, I was able to get 2 loads like this to the dump.

At least having a shithole catch-all like the shop allows me to keep the real garage fairly clean.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have the opportunity to make a few more trips. It's not the fun part of the project but it's gotta be done. Once I get a spot clean I can start annoying Dave again with dimension questions, pool coping questions, and the age old "to skatelite or not to skatelite". But I think I know the answer to that last one.


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kevin said...

Fess up; you cleaned it some before that first pic didntcha?