you're only as comfortable with life as you are on your bike

The guys in charge of the Doubleshot Duathlon put a bunch of pics of the race up on their site and gave permission to steal 'em. So I did.

It's been a damn weird week for me. Things that have nothing to do with bikes have made it a weird week. Last night I took the SS out for a ride and it felt completely wrong. I've hated the bars since the first time I rode it as they are damn near broom handle straight. However, nothing else felt right last night. The bars were too straight and low, the seat felt way too far forward, and the seatpost is getting increasingly harder to keep at the correct height. I've had issues with all of these things for the last few months but last night it was like it all sucked at the same time. Is that due to strangeness of the week? Who knows. What I do know is I'm changing shit up. I'm throwing some Mary bars on and that will require a stem swap due to the oversized Bontrager it comes with. A Thomson will be thrown in it's place. To fix the seat post slippage and seat placement woes I'm gonna get a Thomson setback seatpost. The setback should cure the seat position and the little machining marks that Thomson posts have should keep things more secure. Nothing a little cash won't fix. Too bad everything isn't that easy.

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kevin said...

Glad to see you're ahead of the guy you're ahead of. And what's with the dark face? Couldn't you smile at the camera for that pic too?