back to bicycles

I had a blast at Gold Rush but now it's back to simplicity for another 50 weeks or so until the next one. Probably won't fire up a motor over 100cc's until then. Damn it was fun though. It's not often that one gets to show up with nothing more than a gear bag and race. I was unable to compete in Sunday's Pro event due to me being a huge pussy. It had been 2 years since I really rode anything like that and it showed at the end of Saturday's team events. Nonetheless I was pretty stoked with my pace. We got damn lucky on our random # pick though, eh? That's always cool.

This weekend we're brewing beer at the 305 Club and, depending on the weather, I'm hoping to get a ride in at Turkey on the Slayer. In less than 2 weeks Jake gets to race his 2nd ABA Grands and we're all looking forward to that.

Go ride,

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