confetti anyone?

If any of the people reading this are by chance one of the same jackasses who applies to random credit card offers sent via US Mail....FUCKING STOP. It's assholes like you that makes those same companies fill my mailbox with their shit. Shit that I have to take the time to shred because some other mouth breather, barely lower than you on the "worth-a-shit" scale, could possibly screw my lackluster credit up with the info inside. Since the offer to loan me money was sent unsolicited I think I should be able to apply, receive said account, max the fucker out, and then never pay it. When approached by the same company about my unpaid balance I should simply be able to say "That's what you get for not being pickier with your bidness partners." I've now begun sending everything right back to them in their postage paid envelopes with the simple note "I'M TIRED OF SHREDDING THIS SHIT." Who knows if that works but it's more fun than trashing it. You'd think in this day and age of conservation and preservation there would be a bigger push against junk mail and the paper resources it devours. Or if that angle doesn't work.... You'd think in this day and age of crazy fuckers walking into businesses with firearms there would be a bigger push against companies not pissing random folks off.

Send it all back,


Anonymous said...

Great idea, let's mention guns and getting pissed off and put it all in a passive agressive blog post on the Internet. Shhh, keep it quite, no one will know.

"Hello? Department of Homeland Security? I was kust kidding, I swear. No, really."

Anonymous said...

Whoa...cool. My "Word Verification" word (you know, the little jumbled word you have to type in so you can post a comment)on that last comment post was "XBVER". Is that like guy that used to be a puss? Maybe its medical coding lingo for some sort of sex change surgery that's billable to medicare.

buddy said...

Believe me Kurt, if their investigative skills are worth our tax dollars they will easily find that I am firearm handicapped. I'd do more damage with a baseball bat and belly full of whiskey. The public, and credit card vermon, be safe!