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This weekend is the annual Gold Rush GP here in Okieland. It's a motorcycle and ATV off-road race that is held at Hallet Raceway. You can find specific info here if you care: http://www.okgoldrush.com/ It's sort of in the spirit of the old Elsinore GP that everyone has seen on On Any Sunday. (if you haven't seen that...DORK) The racecourse changes every year. Each lap usually conists of sections of the road course with trails laid out in the surrounding wooods and one lap usually adds up to somewhere between 7 & 9 miles. Sometimes the stints on the asphalt only last for a corner or two but I personally like it best when we stay on it for a long time. Hopefully that will be the layout again. It's a 2 day event. Day 1 (saturday) is considererd the fun day. That's when the have the 'buddy races'. 2 riders per team for a 3 hour race. You're free to alternate any way you want. This year I'm teamed with my friend Keith on his YZ450 in the bike event. I really appreciate him asking me and offering up his bike for the abuse. We're gonna have fun. Then my friend Lonnie called me and offered me a spot as his teamate in the ATV event. (Just a bit of background, Lonnie runs Sandtrax, builds motors that are faster than a striped-ass-ape, and has helped me out a ton over the years so I'm stoked to be able to ride with him on something he's put together. The quad should be a rocket.) So that's two 3 hour events, albeit split between 2 folks, on Saturday. Then Sunday is the "serious" day. Lonnie has been nice enough to offer me the same 450 ATV for the 2 hour Pro Quad race on Sunday afternoon. This is NOT a team deal. This is bragging rights and cash on the line. If you want to know where you fit in...this is the race to find out. In past years I've went into the pro race on Sunday intending to be one of those up front and possibly one of the guys who might win it. I've missed it the last few due to scheduling conflicts. (the pic is of me from a the race a few years back....and "no" Roll-Offs do not work nearly as well when they string behind you like that)

This year? I haven't ridden anything bigger than my XR100 (other than last weekend) since....? So I'm just going into this sort of like the recent mountainbike race. I'll be givin' it all I got for as long as I can and just see where it all shakes out. ...and I'll be havin' a damn good time regardless. My only promise is that I'll be able to hold my head just a touch higher afterwards since I'm usually a bit better at these things.

Oh and for anyone who thought this is mainly a bicycle blog... It is. And after this "once a year" race I do it will mainly be back to that. ...and music, and skating, and bitching, and whatever else Kevin or I feel like rambling about. Tomorrow I will be drinking little overpriced vodkas on a plane to Houston. Then on Friday (this is where Mr. Optimism says my plane won't crash) I'll be taking a vacation day to get my shit in order for Gold Rush and help prepare for my little boy's birthday party Friday night. Lots to live for there so this pilot better have his fucking A game on.

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