hot damn i is alive

I did it. I flew. Well, actually I just sat there. The pilot did all the flying. The cool part is that I think I may be on my way to ridding myself of one ridiculous phobia. Now maybe I'm just thinking it isn't that scary because there is no immediate reason for me to fly anywhere soon...but I do feel MUCH more relaxed about it. Vodka is a great thing too. You can pour it into a regular water bottle and drink away right up to the point where they make your trash it at security. One odd thing, on the flight back we weren't even backed away from the terminal when the flight attendant came up and asked me to turn my ipod off. ??? This is not comforting. The thought that my ipod can somehow bring the plane down doesn't necessarily instill confidence. (maybe someone should alert bush's dumb ass that we only need to find a way to place ipods on our enemy's aircraft) Not to mention that take-off is one of the parts of flying where I could REALLY use me some Lemmy. Nonetheless, there is one of life's little battles won. Overcoming a fear that has kept me from doing cool stuff is a great thing. I'm far from total relaxation with it...but maybe I won't have to be as liquored up next time.

Tonight we party like rockstars. Kindergarten rockstars (it's Jake's 6th birthday party), but rockstars all the same. This weekend we race (previous post). After that it's back to normal days and hopefully more time on the bike. I'll be continuing the cleaning of the shop for the ramp and maybe begin the layout of a 4X style track on our other property. The 4X idea is something that Steve (the operator of our local BMX track) and I have been kicking around. We'll see how it goes.

Live it up,

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