maybe it's just the weather...

...….but damn I wanna build an indoor BMX track so bad I can hardly stand it. Nothing huge. Not only would it be cool for our own use but for other folks as well during crappy weather like we're having now. I couldn't open it to the general public but would be more than willing to have an open invite to the folks at our local track. Just a simple poll barn with enough room for 3 short straights. They don’t have to be wide either. A cozy little 2-man style set-up will do. Something like the pic below.

Yes. I know. I have the ramp project in the shop to do before this but I'm just thinking out loud. If anyone has any info on the cost per square foot of a simple tin pole barn feel free to leave it in the comments section. I'm sure it's easy enough to find but I'm lazy today. If you dig the pic above there are plenty more like it on www.bmxnews.com in the photos section under "DC Trails Race."

Speaking of BMX, as that's all this post is doing, my boy Jake raced in the ABA Grands here in Tulsa for his second time last week. He was in the 6 Intermediate class. While he didn't make it out of his qualifiers he did ride as hard as he could, had a good time, and pulled off the track with a big ol' smile every time. That is what I call success right there. His mom and I are annoyingly proud as usual.

Stay warm,

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