not my week for credit cards

2 posts in a row concerning credit cards...this should tell me something.

Last month I missed the payment for our credit card. Totally missed it. Just forgot it, misplaced it, …something. Imagine that. A lady called me on Friday to inquire about it. It just so happens I sent the payment of $160 Friday morning before she called and I told her that. She acted like we were cool like Fonzi.

Fast forward to yesterday. A lady from the same compnay calls to tell me that they were reporting me to the credit bureau for my payment being 30 days late. I told her that I had already been contacted and had sent the payment on Friday. She said that may be so but if they didn't receive a payment of $70 in their office by the end of the day then it would be reported. (all with that bullshit "concerned for me" tone) I explained that I had been with their company for years, had no recollection of being late any other time, had sent them a payment of $160, but if they felt that they needed to report me then, by all means, report away. She then told me that I could stop payment on the check I sent and they could do an electronic check over the phone by simply blah blah blah…. I interrupted and told her that was really more trouble than I felt like going to for a check they were more than likely to receive in the next 24 hours. It then went like this:

Bitch: Sir, aren't you concerned about your credit?
Me: Nope.
Bitch: I'm really sorry to hear that.
Me: But not sorry enough to NOT report me to the credit bureau?
Bitch: Sir, we have guidelines.
Me: Then I guess you better get to reportin'.
Bitch: Ok. Well sir, I'm really sorry that you're not concerned about your credit. Me: Mmhmm. (click)

What a cunt. A simple "okie dokie" from her would have sufficed. Spare the concerned routine for someone else. As always I thought of all the fun stuff that I should have said for my final comment about a minute too late:

· …and I’m sorry that you sound like you’re a frigid tart.
· You should be stoked. If folks like me weren’t late with their payments, no talent assclowns like you wouldn’t have a job calling us.
· Does this disaster to my credit mean that I’ll quit getting all those credit card offers from other companies?

Oh well.

In the red,

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