broke as a joke?

Man, what kind of dumb fucking analogy is that? Sure it rhymes but simply rhyming doesn't do it. In fact it makes it a bit dorkier. First things first, a good saying/analogy has to draw a picture. For instance:

"Slicker than cum on a gold tooth." While I've never dated a chick with a gold tooth...I can imagine this.

"Shaking like a dog trying to shit a peach pit." Never personally experienced this one either. Although Kevin actually has a peach tree in his back yard AND a dog who eats them peaches and he assures me this makes perfect sense.

What brought this on? No idea. Since this is a completely pointless post, as they really all are, how about a girly shot?

Now I don't like to use pics without noting where I found them but I simply can't remember where I snagged this one. I know the 'net surf session started out checking out hot rod sites, as many often do, and one of my favorite jumping off points is http://www.roaddevils.com/. Check it out. If anyone finds the specific site this photo resides at lemme know and I'll hook 'em up with a link too. ...and with the overwhelming amount of folks that come to kungfubiking I'm sure that they will see people flocking to their site like hobos to a pot of stew. .... See? That shit works


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