2 things I know for sure:

  1. This post is a day late.
  2. It'll also probably put me in the 1st class section on the rocket ride to hell.

    It's no longer a secret that I struggle with the religious right in this world. But these fucking bible thumpers are going too far. Take for example this lady, I'll call her J, she's an Administrative Assistant for the New Covenant Church on the east coast . My problem with her is that she went thru all the trouble to come up with this little email address nugget: laborunderhislove @ I'm not telling you dot com (No I'm not putting the host name here but I promise it's a real email address I came across in my line of work.)

    I wonder several things about a person like this but mainly shit like:
  • Did she go to sleep with a smile on her face the night she realized that no other god fearing woman had thought of such a kick ass religious email address?
  • Did she wave it in her friends faces the next day? You know screaming FACE all day and generally being an office irritant.
  • How about that night; did her hubbie get some righteous pussy since she was all consumed with her passion for christ?
  • Hell, do women like that even have "recreational" sex? I'm doubting it but man if they get god going thru them I bet the 'tang is absolutely bucklin'. (See knee bucklin' good.)

I understand that my little nugget here probably doesn't belong on a cycling blog but I just had to "exorcise" these thoughts from my soul.

Me & W must be Bro's:
That jackass will probably be the rocket pilot for my ride south.
As Dr. Laura says: Now, go take on the day.