Greedy Gus

Man, I’m needing some bicycle stoke right now. I was all pumped Friday afternoon. I was looking forward to a meeting with everyone from the bmx track to get things rolling for the upcoming year of racing. Unfortunately the meeting left something to be desired. I found that the overall agenda of the meeting was pretty much to figure out new ways to beg for money to “fix” our track. ??? I’m sure that if you asked most of the kiddoes they wouldn’t think that the track was broken. The only issue I brought up during the meeting was that I would like to make the bmx races more accessible to the less fortunate kids who ride the track during the week but don’t have the parental support and/or funds to buy helmets, buy decent bikes, afford ABA memberships, etc…that is required for them to enter the races held there.That idea was pretty much met with a patronizing “you just don’t understand” attitude. Oh well. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I’ll just take my spare change and throw it at building a mini-bowl to introduce my boy Jake to skateboarding rather than improving a racetrack for a chosen few.



Everybody knows mtn. biking is cool; but cool enough for this?

Come on; a live strong tattoo? And talking your old lady into getting one on her ass?

Is that trailer park trash to the Nth degree? Is it trailer park trash personified? Is it trailer park trash²? Is it cool? Is it dare I say sexy? FUCK NO YOU DUMBASSES! The tattoo doesn't make you a better rider and it damn sure doesn't make you a cooler rider.

As Forrest would say; "That's all I've got to say about that."



i did not crash, i repeat; i did not crash!

For the first time in a long time I was actually able to ride my mtb. w/o crashing! It's probably been six months or so since I last rode and didn't taste terra firma at least once. Do I feel any better for it? Nah, not really; my rides just don't seem complete unless I add a little entertainment for the fellas.

Couple of points here then I'll stop boring you:

  • Buddy loaned me this cool little mag:

Why so cool? It has an interview of Mike Mothefuckin' Muir by Jay "Flyaway" Adams. I feel like Dennis Miller saying that but if you don't know who they are then...well never mind; you just wouldn't get it.

  • Another cool thing is David brought a friend of his named Joel to ride today. It was Joel's first time to mtn. bike in a long time; and he said he was never good at it before. As with most new riders to Turkey, blood was shed and shit eating grins were handed out to all. Good job Joel, see you next week.
  • And then another cool/sad thing; my fifteen minutes of promised fame came at the hands of one dude. While prepping to ride a guy from across the lot says: "You Calvin?" Come to find out he'd seen this shitty little thing called blog. (Say that to Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love.") He recognized the bike and therefore me. I'd always imagined my 15 minutes to be something like a Pee Wee Herman incident or something buried late in the newscast like "Wussy bike rider dies while riding 2mph over 1" high rock; film at 11:00.” Nice job on that Planet X dude, it looks plenty burly.
  • Saddest part of the ride; and I'm telling on myself a little here, but my rig shifted flawlessly, I mean fucking perfect, like butter...only better. Why? I bought this little DVD:

You know; I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I am somewhat mechanically inclined and that chain pulley thingy mechanism has driven me nuts over the years due to my inability to figure out how to adjust it properly when they start misbehavin’. It’s like it’s a freakin’ French device that's made in Japan or something; jeezuz man I just don’t/didn’t get it. But after about three minutes with that DVD I headed to the garage and had that bitch shifting like an F1 mechanic had laid hands on it. (You can click the pic to go to the site to order it; and no I don't get paid for it.)

And just think; when the weekend started I had no idea it’d end on such a high note, and all I wanted was a Pepsi; just one Pepsi. If you don’t get that reference then see the above reference you didn’t get, and then maybe some day you’ll hear some Suicidal Tendencies. Click that linky then scroll down and click on "Institutionalized" for some fun old school punk rock served up with sincere punk rock attitude. And remember, I'm not crazy, you're the one that's crazy; you're driving me crazy.

Thanks Mike for that song; it's been quite the anthem for the last 25 years.