taking the easy route

Instead of a full fledged write-up of current rides I'll post a quick story I sent to Buddy:

Man, this may be the most sore I've ever been after a 2 hr. ride. I parked up top and rode snake & the squiggly stuff up top and just kind of dicked around trying to re-learn the lights and learn where I need to point my head now that I've got a headlight too. All good & fun & confusing learning to point my head away from the trail to see where it goes up ahead. So after a good learning session I hit the upper squiggles again and come across two dear at the end then headed over to boner/techno/millenium (whatever it's called.) Wow I was a rockstar...for about 1/2 mile. I made it across the creek crossing which surprised me and after awhile I thought to myself hmmm, wonder if I can ride this entire thing dab free which lead to...you guessed it, a true dab-festival. I was all over the trail and saddle with lots of boneless moves. (see skateboarding where you plant a foot) The one thing the lights do not do well is let you know which rock is firmly planted and which is loose, of which there are lots now. Overall I thought I did pretty well, though it took three attempts to clear the rock garden climb on Hi-Chi. The first attempt was only about 10 ft. of trail, the 2nd about halfway, and third time was a charm. The other thing the lights don't do well is let you know the much needed depth perception of exactly how far your dropping off of a rock. When descending the 1/2 rock garden and the little section of trail that goes west toward the upper pond on the south end of boner up top made me ride my bike like a trampoline. Oh, and the reason I'm sore; because I had a serious death grip on the bars. I knew I was over-gripping but for some reason I couldn't stop it.

One other side effect; I had a hard time walking after the ride. It was if my equilibrium was off and it lasted for another two hours.
Here's a crappy pic of night riding.

Rich is home but in a wheelchair; and I can't believe I was happy to hear this, but Stuart had 4 BM's yesterday! Good for him; I bet it's a weird feeling shitting after nothing has came out the back door for 6 months! If all goes well Stuart will go home today or tomorrow.

The last statements have to do with what's been happening to the loved one's in the last month; here's a bullet list of events & peeps:

  • Bro Rich had a road ride accident that broke his pelvis in 5 places. He had a 7 1/2 hour surgery to fix it and went home in a wheelchair; he'll be in it for a few months. He also stated that he may just sell his custom built Serotta!
  • Bro Stuart has just completed his 12 surgery in 24 months; he's doing well now and is home with his fingers crossed and two more minor surgeries looming ahead.
  • Youngest kid had a sinus infection.
  • Oldest kid had an ear infection.
  • Wife has been battling pneumonia for almost a month now.
  • Wife's sister had neck surgery and took a month off work.
  • Me, fat & sassy.

One last ride report; went to OKC on business yesterday and took the SS for some Draper fun. (It's only fun on a SS!) Rode green & yellow loops; started out like shit but finished well.

Lastly, are ya' country? 'Splain to me what this is; hit the comment button, get it right, and I'll give you a prize. (The official prize will be an "attaboy" reply in the comment box.)

Hint: Leaves are edible, berries are poisonous, but poor country folk used to take the berries, squish 'em and use the juice for paint for kids craft projects.