yeah i've been ridin'; what's it to ya?

First of all anyone, who stumbled across this blog and expected regular posts can kiss my ass. Speaking only for me; I’ll post when I want. Period.

Hopefully that’ll help me get rid of my guilt.

Since we last met a few things have happened:

· The gates of hell swung open a little further and therefore making any riding on a mountain bike silly and treacherous. Oh, I’ve been out on the bikes here and there but fuck it’s hard to get motivated to go ride when the afternoon temps range between 101 & 107.
· I’ve ridden NuDraper a few times this year and the SS is THE bike for those trails. When I set the fork at 100mm it’s the shiznit; when the forks @ 120mm it’s a turkey’s turd.
· Made a big mistake dogging David for getting two flats on his road bike; he was able to call his wife and be on the road again in a few minutes. I however got paid back the very next day by getting two flats at Turkey. Where you ask? By the fucking Pepsi plant of course.
· Learned that purchasing new tubes is often better than patching tubes. (I learned that after putting in my 2nd spare tube and having it hiss at me as I inflated it. (Prior to walking from Pepsi to the lot.)
· Finally rode Miller’s in Wichita a few weeks back. I was at the trailhead at daylight and had a great ride until my seat broke and had a flat. My luck is changing however; I was within eyesight of the car! This seat looked kick-fuckin-ass on the SS. I was originally disappointed that my $10 kick-ass saddle was garbage. I decided for satisfaction I’d send the butt-wipe I’d purchased the seat from an email discussing my dissatisfaction with his product; he replied for me to send it back to him along with a bill for shipping and he’d get me another saddle and pay my shipping expense. Good job dude.

(Click the pic and it’ll take you to his eBay site.)

· I finally bought an expensive piece of plastic: What they say is true, these babies float over the road. My advice to anybody who wants to road ride AND have a comfortable experience...buy a CF bike. (Don’t get me started on CF’s use for off-road use though.)

· And finally, it has been requested that I post this, it originally was an email I sent to Buddy; it’s been edited for certain reasons:

As is usual for me in the summer; especially when it's 105, I've been doing more road riding than mountain biking lately. I learned a few things this weekend:
1. When you tell people you'll hang with them on a 40 mile ride and they say they average 15mph, they do. However what they don't tell you is they spend 20 minutes at each of the 2 rest stops along with a stop at the top of each hill, and other assorted stops just to make what should've been a 2.5 hour max ride into almost a 4 hour sweat-a-thon! It was 97 degrees when I got in my car!
(11:15 a.m.) I got overcooked and didn't do a fucking thing except lay around yesterday.
2. When you stop at the convenience store at the top of the hill on HWY 97 coming out of Sapulpa and shit what felt like a porn-star quality butt-plug bomb, (it truly left me feeling violated), you can rest assure that as soon as it passes the sphincter rings that there will be a light tap on the door. (Light tap = young woman.) I can't believe the issues I have with defecating in public loo's and women banging on the door.
I feel my string of quality replies remain in-tact, Saturday's: "I got mine, you get yours."
(I always feel compelled to apologize in my own way when the young lady and I make eye contact.)

Her face spelled confusion, mine spelled satisfaction.

Don't laugh; you could be my next "shitter" victim.

Now, will I post more often in the future? Maybe...maybe not.