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Wow. We got responses. From 2 folks no less. That's 2 more than I thought read this shit. Seriously though, thanks a lot guys for the input! Really stoked on the free wood offer. (Sweet Jesus that sounded gay) .... My personal opinion on any sort of construction on public property is that it should be as rideable as the rest of the trail it's on. In this case on Lo Chi, I should be able to cruise over it on my singlespeed without feeling the need to unclip to save my ass. I want it to flow like the rest of the trail and not be an obstacle. If someone wants to do something with the rest of that giant fallen tree (ie: log ride, skinnies, etc...) I couldn't be more indifferent. I enjoy the overall flow and sustainablity of a well built trail. Riding a balance beam just isn't my cup o' tea. But I digress... the kungFUbiking trail maitenance team will be heading down to Lo Chi sometime this weekend to clear the obvious stuff. We will evaluate the bigger obstacles and try to determine whether a bridge or a rerouting of the trail is required. Again, big thanks for the input and offers. Stay in touch and we will get something going.

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response requested

Last week when I rode Turkey there were 2 very large trees down across Lo Chi. I really dig that short little trail and I'd like to get out there and fix that. Maybe this weekend. If anyone knows whether or not this has already been done and to what extent I'd appreciate the comments.

Why do I ask? Why not just swing by on my way home from work, stroll down the trails, and see for myself? Walk into those woods, dressed for the office, no bike...? Riiiight. I'm not against the homos but I'd rather not appear to be trying out for the team.

If anyone has info on the current trail condition, do your civic duty and pass it on. I'll do my duty and fix 'em.

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i'd rather watch this

Alright, this whole Landis thing is something that I should have absolutely no opinion on. While I love riding bicycles I have very limited experience actually racing bicycles. Moreover, my results from those races was damn pathetic. I think an elderly man with an oxygen bottle may have passed me at the last, and I do mean LAST, mountain bike race that I did. Maybe it's due to my wimpy asthmatic lungs and maybe I'm just a puss. Despite all of that, do I think that he doped? The lab results sure make it sound that way. The results from a French lab certainly do. Maybe there is a little conspiracy there and maybe not. Whatever the court determines Floyd's victory will always have an asterisk, the purity of pro cycling will always be questioned, and Scott Stapp will always suck.

I think they should fire the whole damn lot of 'em and replace them with the participants of the latest Cycle Messenger World Championship. No police escorts or closing of the roads, no chase vehicles, and no drug policy. The course would not be predetermined. The riders would simply be given a starting point and a final destination. They could come up with their own special stages and the whole thing would end with a giant derby. I'd tune in for that.

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I usually don't mention these things...

But I think Floyd is somewhat innocent. Why somewhat? 'Cause he's doing what all the others do and I don't care if they dope or not. But super-high testosterone is common in Americans; just see for yourself here.

If O.J. can get off, Floyd should too! And Floyd, if you need help it's available!


i just couldn't resist

Nothing to say; I would just ruin the editorial cartoons.

ding dong the asshole's dead

Good riddance.

Televangelist, Christian Leader Jerry Falwell Dies

"I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians, who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way — all of them who try to secularize America — I point the finger in their face and say, 'You helped this happen." ...Falwell's comment after 9/11.

"Christian" leader? Is that a "christian." If it turns out to be then I'm definitely not. Whatever the case, that hate comes 'round don't it Jerry? Enjoy the dirtnap fatass.

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slow to post

First things first, I did go to the fancy knee doctor about my ....you guessed it... knee. He said there was definitely something going on in there, duh, but he didn't want to jump right into surgery. He shot some steroids under my kneecap and then gave me a giant rubber band and some exercises to do to pull my kneecap back in line. He gave me a month of that before I see him again. I'm not sure I agree with that but then I'm just an uneducated jackass. I asked him if it was OK to ride in the meantime and he says "Sure, just don't go over any hills." ... Apparently unless you're a college or pro athlete you're just supposed to suck. It did feel better a few days after the shot but it's slowly going back to shit now. The exercises seem sort of pointless. I've been doing 'em but they just seem too easy to do any good.

Sorta gave my 24" cruiser to a kid at the track. He's a good kid and needed one. It's not the nicest race bike around. Just your base level GT Cruiser. Definitely a little heavy and he's changing quite a few things to change that. Once my knee gets better I'll pick up another because, no matter how much I try, I cannot get comfortable on the 20". After spending so much time on 26 and 29" wheels that's just too big a change for me. I'm a pussy like that. Think I'm gonna grab a Felt soon.

On the music front I got my first Supersuckers fan club cd. Rocks as expected. Also picked up a few new discs lately. If you dig rockabilly, psychobilly....whatever phrase floats your boat... then I suggest checking out the Nekromantix. Not bad at all. Goofy looking fuckers but then ain't we all?
If you're in the Oklahoma area and dig AMA Flattrack racing I highly suggest you move your ass to the Lazy E arena this weekend. See www.mkeg.com for details on that. Gonna be a good show.

Who knows, it might actually dry enough here this week to put tires to trail without tearing things up.

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Welcome to...

Seattle East!
Fuck it's rained alot 'round these parts lately. It hasn't mattered much to me lately though since I've had little to no time to ride and even littler motivation. My funk is true and can only brighten if the fucking skies clear. See, my bro Stuart's been to hell and back (and even said he saw the grim reaper once) due to two major surgeries all within a month. (Total of 9 surgeries in the last two years; 3 of 'em majors.) While he laid waisting away in Hotel de la St. Francis for 33 of 37 days the family (his wife) turned this turd of a problem into a major D R A M A!!! While recuperating from his first surgery he said how happy he was he'd started mountain biking; it seems it's the only thing he's found that totally wipes out his work thoughts! I sure hope he can ride again; as it stands now that 5 ride old Specialized Enduro Pro won't see Turkey again unless he decides to go under the knife again and risk having this entire scenario repeat itself. I'll support him either way.
During the drama poor li'l ole me felt obligated to keep the mixed nuts in the can from killing each other and the burden of it all made me snap. El Diablo raised it's head and I partook; and continue even now that he's been out for a few days and seems headed in the right direction.

Oh well; I'll quit again...later. For now; I look forward to riding again with a big ol' fucking dip in. It's been 442 days since I last enjoyed that treat. On the bright side though; shitting has been un-fucking-believably fantastic since I rejoined the redneck fray.
I did get one ride in during this fiasco that included the wife on her new whip and my daughter. It was my wife's 1st time to ride since she went back to college to get her masters degree and her skill level showed it. She was quite embarrassed that our 12 year old daughter put it on her and that she actually wiped out on the snake run. In the end she said she enjoyed it and looked forward to riding with the family; and that's what it's all about; gettin' outside with the family or your bro's and having a blast, ragging on each other and eating shit once in awhile.
Outside of trick-fucking there is no finer sport in America.