i'm on a hellbound trail, ahh yeah

That's the best forecast we've had in over a month, hoo damn am I excited to actually think there might be a chance to ride on something other than a mud pie trail. BTW, when it says 30-40%, that's not a chance of rain, that's how long it'll rain.

Since there hasn't been any riding to be had 'round these parts, the old farts' turned cantankerous. It's got nothing to do with riding but what the fuck, here goes.

Been to a grocery store with the self checkout lanes yet? They're awesome when you just have a few things to get. They are not awesome when some 300# octegenarian parks her ass in front of it without a clue of how to operate it. They should have a sign that reads: "If you can't text message or send an email; don't even think about it." Anyway after getting miffed at the old/fat broad wasting my time @ Li'l Wal-Mart the other day I stopped in an Albertson's on the way home to pick up a few items. Now Albertson's has the right idea; they have a manned bank of the self check-out lanes, big help for the old fucks who don't know what to do. That's not my problem here, my problem was the staff. See this old lady was checking herself out and some young dude with a dust mop comes to clean up some spilled dry spaghetti. I understand that this could be a slip and fall issue but this dipwad was trying to mop up the bits under the old broads feet and repeatedly kept bumping her sneakers sending dust all over them. After he does this a few times I step up and tell him it'd be a LOT FUCKING EASIER if he'd wait until she's done OR ask her to move. He stares at me dumbfoundedly like I'm El Diablo; the old lady says yes just give me a minute and then says thanks to me. Well, I wasn't done and I was pissed so out comes "Oh you're to fucking blame too; why would you come to this line when you don't have a fucking clue how to operate the goddamn thing."
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late update

We've pretty much fell off the map around here lately. Just a quick update, if anyone hasn't made their way down Lo Chi since we hit it with the saws then check it out. We have yet to fix the major log jam but everything else has been cleared. Thanks to the kind offers of lumber we're going to get that done soon. I think we're actually going to get that giant trunk down on the ground and THEN build the ladder bridge over it. It will take a lot of extra work to lower it but that is what it will take to ensure that it's rideable by everyone. Further down the trail we cleared almost everything out but left a few of the smaller logs for a challenge at Kevin's suggestion. (I'm a big puss and would probably have cleared the entire thing) Apparently the challenge that it's created has gotten some "atta boys" over on MTBR so I'm glad that I listened to him. Yeah, we should have taken some before-n-after pics of everything but that would make this post entirely too interesting. My little boy Jake and his baseball team have been rocking lately and that has taken up every bit of our spare time. The season should be over this week and we'll get him back to the BMX track. Cash has been a bit tight lately so rather than spring for the new cruiser I guess I'm gonna nut up and try the 20" for a while. Maybe, just maybe, I won't be the absolute slowest thing out there. And if I am, oh well. I'll be riding with Jake and that is all that matters. Hope everyone got out to watch at least one event at Tulsa Tough. Sonofabitch those folks are amazing. Sure their fitness is unbelievable but anyone willing to chance crashing at those speeds in their underwear gets a high-five from me.

Go ride,