dawg tired

Man it's been a long time since I've done a ride report because...well I just ain't been riding. Life, heat, rain, blah blah blah have kept my tired weak ass off the trail; until Friday...and Sunday! I finally put the rims & tires from the Heckler on the SS and what a difference those babies made. The tubeless tires give the hardtail some much needed cush and allow more bashing thru rockgardens without fear of flats and the weight difference seemed incredible. Whatever it was the Friday ride at Keystone felt like I'd been riding occasionally all along. I felt strong and on my game thru the rocks, and man the rain has exposed a lot more of the big rocks and created a lot of loose rocks. (More on that in a minute.)
Since Friday's ride was so good I just had to go back and do it again Sunday. Stacy had linked together Keystone Friday in such a way that I just fucking loved it. Most of the beginning of the ride flowed well and I thought was just perfect. My riding partner on Sunday got his ass handed to him. Ever had one of those rides where your friends just rip your fucking legs off? I have, tons of times but have never (that I know of anyway) really kicked somebody's ass on the trail who is stronger and fitter than me; but what can I say...Sunday was my day. The poor feller had had all he wanted just one hour into the ride!

Here he is at the first creek crossing resting his tired ass.
Notice how he's just barely in the water.
He eases into it a little more.
And a little more.
Almost there.
Aah, that's the spot.
You feel sorry for the dog? I didn't until we were done. I noticed he was limping across the parking lot and upon further inspection he had ripped the pads off of his front paws. He'd never had any problems at Turkey Mtn. before so I'm guessing it was all the loose rocks that got him here. He's in full doggy rehab mode now (being a lazy bum and getting to sleep in the bed with wifey and I) but will return to the trails soon. And btw he did awesome even though he hadn't been out for awhile. He trailed right behind me perfectly after about 5 minutes; the first five minutes he bumped the rear wheel a couple of times and at one point his bell even hit the tire which is amazing since it is looped thru his collar so he was WAY too close at that point. But after a few small hits he was back in form and loving the shit out of it!

Till next time bitches.