ever hear of Avery Luthi?

You may soon.

His father is a guy I work with. Last year at the Nationals I was trying to hook Ronny and Avery up with Buddy and Jake since they're all in the same situation. The dad's are rippers and so are the kids. Anyway, Ronny calls me Friday and says Warrick Stevenson called him Friday morning and asked if Avery would accept a sponsorship from Kuwahara. Ronny's stoked, the kid only cares about getting this new bike.
How fucking cool is that? He's four fucking years old and he gets a call from one of the big boys in BMX; and he's calling to ask him to ride on his team! Look for him at the Nationals, he'll be on this rig rocking the Kuwahara team kit.

I hope to have some ride reports soon. Stacy's finally getting a 5" travel fork to fit his bike and seems to be stoked to start riding again soon. Me? I'm hitting the trainer at the house and pining away for cooler weather.

See ya later bitches!