Everybody knows mtn. biking is cool; but cool enough for this?

Come on; a live strong tattoo? And talking your old lady into getting one on her ass?

Is that trailer park trash to the Nth degree? Is it trailer park trash personified? Is it trailer park trash²? Is it cool? Is it dare I say sexy? FUCK NO YOU DUMBASSES! The tattoo doesn't make you a better rider and it damn sure doesn't make you a cooler rider.

As Forrest would say; "That's all I've got to say about that."



buddy said...

If bikes aren't cool enough to make a tattoo then what is? The 3 B's? ... Beer, Boobs, and Brown Beans ... Now THAT would make a nice tattoo.

kevin said...

Then get ur tat of a can of pork & beans with a can of PBR on top of your tit. For flair get HUFFY tattoo'd across your lower back gangsta style!

BC said...

Although I have none at the moment, I will probably only get two tattoos in my entire life. A bicycle chain around my ankle (easily concealed by a sock), and a can of pabst blue ribbon on my chest. And I'm mostly kidding about the pabst.

However, with that said, these guys had some CRAPPY artists working on them. When and if I ever get the aforementioned tattoos, I will be going to a reputable place, with an established, no, legendary tattoo artist doing the work. That's the only way I can justify any tattoo. It's got to be quality, otherwise it's just not worth it.