i've just got to get this off of my chest

What the fuck happened to our society? Whatever happened to people being nice to each other? When did it become normal to be rude? FUCK!

Monday night was the wife’s graduation and she was receiving her Masters Degree. (4.0 no less.) Pretty big deal to me and it should’ve been to all those in attendance. But by the actions of the fucking herd you’d have thought we were back in ancient Rome getting ready to watch a massacre. Here are the things that pissed me off:

  • People not turning their cell phones off. How fucking rude is that? Common fucking decency should tell you to turn it off so you don’t get embarrassed by the damn thing ringing during a ceremony in a full theater.
  • Not answering your cell phone when it does ring. Look you fucking fatass bitch and bastard sitting behind me; I’m no fucking dolt, it’s your goddamn cell phone ringing repeatedly and yes we’re all fucking staring at you so answer it GODDAMNIT! Somehow ignoring it makes you look even more daft.
  • Proud of mom/dad/sis/bro/aunt/uncle/friend/whatever graduating? Then by all means show up in ragged blue jeans.
  • And by all means where your ball cap backwards.
  • And yell “That’s my sister up there” when she gets her hard earned degree.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget, while waiting for the ceremony save about a dozen seats for your homies in an SRO theater ‘cause surely they’ll show…right? WRONG YOU FUCKING LOSERS! If an event is important don’t you show up earlier than the actual start time? NOPE? Then by all means bitch about the auditorium being too small ‘cause we’re all hear to serve you; you fucking piece of shit.
  • And last but not least if poor Jr. or Sally begins to wail while sitting on your lap by all means remain seated so we can all partake in your pain. Who in their right mind would remove a crying child from a packed theater? None of these fuckheads in attendance. God forbid that little three year old poster child for abortion misses a second of Aunt Thelma’s graduation ceremony.

I can now remember vividly why I had a Mohawk in college. Simply, I hate people. This isn't a redneck thing and it's not a poor white trash thing; it's just a people thing and you should be treated like this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2445024781807135842&q=granny+punch



tom said...

That is gold. Did you know she had THC in her system?

kevin said...

Yea, I'd seen another version of the video where the lady that gets nailed was talking some smack about it.