deers & queers

I started off thinking I'd take my camera with me on a solo ride and get a few pic's of the terrain at Turkey Mtn. This area was highlighted in Mountain Bike magazines' summer 2004 issue as the best place to ride in Oklahoma. The article also went on to say you should keep your eyes peeled for the occasional glimpses of public sex. (What kind? See this: http://www.rmbb.org/, beware, gay mens mtn. bike club.) What they're alluding to is that gay men, many married, hook up here to do what they do. I've been fortunate and haven't ran into that in the 3 years I've been riding. I have however encountered this:

I would love to be able to say that someone else discovered this jewel, but sadly that blame rests squarely on my shoulders. Imagine your bleary eyed with your heart pounding after you clear this techie little puppy, you look to your left, and think is it? No it couldn't be; I'm just seeing things, oh fuck it is...and it's freakin' HUGE!!!

This little beauty hits you in the eyes right off the bat; it took me a year and a half of riding before I ever cleaned this beaute, after that I owned it....until lately.

After this section I went to Hi-Chi to get a few pic's of the toughest section of it; and of course the pic's don't do it justice, and no I didn't clean this'un today, or ever...but I'll keep trying.

Went on to ride the Millenium trail after that and caught a glimpse of some true nature. It's hard to believe that you come across this right in the middle of the city:

You'll have to excuse the quality of that pic; I was using my daughters camera and it doesn't do a very good job in certain situations; like this one. Still cool though and I told myself that I should always take a camera with me on rides. Here's a couple of pic's of another section of Millenium that serves it up everytime I hit it:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, did I tell you this tire sucked?

I'll quit bitching about that tire soon, I've got another on order. For it's sake it better be better or it'll end up here for all to see.

Tomorrow's going to be an exploration day of oil lease land around Bristow. We're going to ride the trails that god's little creatures created. Bench cuts made by cattle! Or as Buddy says: "Singletrack and cheeseburgers!"

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This is drumbum from http://santacruzblur.blogspot.com checking out your blog. Some of those pictures are really cool.