New rubber

The new rubber is here and I can't wait to mount it tomorrow and hopefully ride it tomorrow evening. I always try to run my tires tubeless; sometimes though it's a difficult proposition. My first two sets of tires went tubeless with very little sweat and a floor pump; and the last two have been more difficult with the Tioga "Tire o' crap" being a downright bitch. In fact I couldn't do it; Dealer helped me out on this and got 'em set up over a few beers and a few hours. (Even the blokes at T-Town couldn't do it with their tricks. Thanks Stacy.) I hope to write again with glowing reviews, most seem to rave about the Kenda Nevegals. (You can click the title once again to see what others have said about this tire.)

If it doesn't work there'll be hell to pay even though I don't know by whom. (Probably my ankles, shins, and kneecaps though.) Man, I hate when shit doesn't work out like it's supposed to.

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