stars aligned?

Sometimes the stars align and you can actually work and play at the same time. Sometimes the stars just seem to be aligned but are actually askew; today was such a case.

A potential client in Arkansas City, KS called and asked me to give a presentation today so I of course jumped at the chance to acquire the business AND get a free trip to Camp Horizon. Not that anyone cares but the business end of the trip went well and the ride part of the trip went not-so-well. For more on the trail click this:
Camp Horizon or this: KS Single Track Society I'm telling you this thing is a beauty and just when I felt I was getting my groove on I pinch flatted the rear. After a quick pit stop it was back on the trail and once again really lovin' this piece of land; until mile marker 4, which is where flat numero dos occurred, this time on the front from a sticker. So in 4 miles and one hour I've had two flats; I'm now out of tubes and CO2 cartridges, but with a glee me and the SS trudge on undaunted until...mile marker 5! Another fucking sticker and another fucking flat so now the ride includes a walk back to the car. Thankfully it was only a two mile hike and I must say ol' chap that the weather was beautiful for a hike today. I think the most amazing thing out of all the flats is that they all happened within eye sight of mile marker signs.

Now I'll tell a little on myself here; you see I'm not the most religious guy around; but goddammit I'm proud of these fucking Methodists and what they've done with this kickass piece of land and trail, to find out more about their attempt to ruin our youth and breed more tightass conservatives you can read more about them here:
http://www.horizoncenter.org/ Remember to go for the trails but stay for the rapture! (Also, take a few $$$ and donate it to the trail upkeep kitty.)

New bike project: Mr. Stans will be meeting Ms. Fixation this weekend; here's to a long and loving relationship.

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