It's been awhile since I've posted a long miscellaneous rambling post so here goes:

First off; met a new riding partner at the trailhead a few weeks back. He’s a young punk name Jarod who’s having a blast riding his bike; just like we all should. Anyway he’s new to trail riding and we hooked up his first time at Turkey a few weeks back and piddled around for awhile, me on the SS and him on his Haro dually. I gave him a semi-complete tour of the different trails to let him get his bearings and see what all is available to ride. Turkey truly has a little of everything for people to ride.

So, we hooked up again this weekend and rode for a couple of hours with a little brisker pace and had a blast again. We did the south trail to LoChi and got the flow going on the SS. Great trail for one speeders. As I’ve stated before, I’m surprised what I can clean on this bike. LoChi back south is a bear on the Heckler and surprisingly it wasn’t too bad on the Fetish. I guess weight is the biggest part here. Anyway only had to dab on one climb! We hiked up to HoChi, rode it to Boner then to Lip Buster. Hella good times on all those trails.

Then, the weirdest thing happened. While wifey and I were in OKC Monday evening to attend the Coldplay concert we stopped at Toby Keith’s bar to have a beer and snack before the show, and sitting right in front of us was Jarod. Small weird world I tell ya. Cool place btw:

OT: Concert Review

Opening act: Fiona Apple
She sucked and dances like there’s a bee in her dress and she’s swatting it away. I will give her thumbs up for the passion she has for her music; it just didn’t speak to me. (Probably ‘cause I’m not female, 17, and a lesbian.)

Headliner: Coldplay
Hella good show. This was the only concert at a large venue that I can ever remember that the act got the crowd into the show without the use of gimmicks or special effects. These guys were digging the fact that the fans were digging their music. They even made an obscure reference to the Flaming Lips. I’m sure most have no clue who they are but using Google you can find out. Now, some may argue that Coldplay isn’t a “cool” band; they’re clean guys, don’t rock heavily, don’t party absurdly amounts, don’t shoot up like true “rock stars” do, but I can tell you this: Shut the fuck up, they play tight with massive bass and driving drums. I mean it’s not like they’re gay or anything; they are married guys, and one of ‘em famously married. Lighten up on the guys, it’s not like they hit the tanning beds. And we all know what that leads to…right?

One day you're a tanning bed guy and the next...well you're a guy that likes furry balls on his chin.

OK, last ride report of this long-ass-winded post:
In certain circles I’ve been known to talk shit about how the trails in our sister city (Oklahoma City) suck compared to our most excellent blood covered trails. You see the most technical aspect of their trails (NuDraper) is the gravel parking lot. I’d ridden them four times before and each time I promised myself I’d never go back. Well the day after the Coldplay concert I had to be back in OKC for a meeting the next morning so I loaded up the SS and took it with me thinking that Draper would be better on this rig; and boy was I right. I think in the past I was just way over-biked for those trails. I made a complete lap of yellow, green, and red trails with the SS fork set at 115mm and dug it. I then set the fork at 100mm and did another complete loop and just freakin’ loved it. With the bike set like this you could really get the flow going on the swoopy singletrack and really stuff the bike into the corners. After the two laps I was pretty much toast; I’d forgotten my CamelBak that morning and only had a bottle of Gatorade to sip on to get me thru the ride which I polished off after the second lap. I loaded the bike and car up, started the car, made about 20 minutes of business calls and one call to Progressive Suspension about my Heckler shock, all the while watching more and more people hit the trails. Well hell, I got the itch again, and without fluids went for another spin on the yellow loop. About 10 minutes into it I could see a rider ahead of me so I set out to catch his geared ass on my one gear with my fat ass. All the time thinking thoughts like this:

I was slowly reeling him in and was getting to the point that I could taste the kill when all of a sudden a stealthy rider was on my ass! Well it was really on, I gave it all I had left in the tank for about two miles; I couldn’t shake the rider on my ass and couldn’t quite get the guy in front of me, so with my increasing desire to puke I pulled over, settled down, rode easily back to the lot swearing and knowing that the SS and me will frequent this trail often on my travels to OKC.

Lastly, since bikes have replaced porn I will from time to time post pic's of some of my favorite models around; pretty much based all on aesthetics:

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