William Tango Foxtrot?

As birthday rides go I would have to give Friday's ride a 10 for fun, 10 for embarrassment, 10 for shitty things happening, a 3 for actual ride time, and a whopping 9 for ice cold brewski's. (The brewski's would've been a 10 but the USSR judge hates PBR!) This ride was literally a joke, 3 dorks trying to act cool on bikes with all knowing that only I can pull it off. You see when you hang at the back of the pack you look like you just don't have a care in the world; and brother let me tell you; I don't! Sadly David's BB shell shelled out and it looks like new frame time. (I say sadly but he seemed kinda happy.)

Now what I want to know is what happened on the climb to spider at the end of HoChi? You see I thought when you were on a SS you weren't supposed to make climbs like that. Showtime and I watched David make the climb on his 2nd attempt (after a little chiding); then numero uno dickhead tanner boy rounds the corner like a monkey on crank riding a rigid SS and proceeds to climb to the top! So here I set, birthday boy in full effect with ALL the peer pressure on me! WTF is that? It was my birthday dicks! Well let me tell you sumpun, somehow I mashed and yanked on the pedals and cleaned the bitch that I didn't expect to clean until late summer. Of course as a proud member of the SS club I immediately decided that I'd rather not talk about it at that time and let the accomplishment waft over me like a fine stripper perfume. Actually now that I think about it I couldn't fucking breathe for another 5 minutes; but either way it wafted over me like that perfume.

So there bitches; whats the next challenge?


budro said...

Next challenge? To achieve a "10 for fun" on every ride.

I didn't really expect to clean that climb on the first try. Must've been my savage tan.

kevin said...