remember this guy?

Click the title shit to read the article about brother man Rich from Cali; he of wanton bike desire, he who rocked when forced to rock, he who showed mad skills when he had none, he who just broke his thumb...OFF! That's right, that was the doc's prognosis. I repeat, not broke, but broke off! Here's a few pics:

Now he's got some kick-ass titanium to go along with his kick-ass Serotta!

Seems he was on his lunch group ride doing some high speed descending when he hit an oil spot ala Joseba Beloki in the '03 TdF.

Which caused uni-baller #7 to do this:

Instead of high-siding though he went under the bike and caught himself with his hand until the pain got too grand and he decided to go for the face grind. (Which I've always believed was a much tougher and cooler way to come to a halt.) Know what really sucks when you do shit like this? You gotta ride back. Rich had 5 miles back to the office which he said wasn't too bad; at least not too bad UNTIL he had to cross the railroad tracks! I'm sure that pain made him get the cold chills. Anyway, he made it to the ER at 2:30 and at 6:30 he was in surgery. I guess you get the express treatment when you don't just break a bone, but when you break one off! The doc's determined the surgery was a success but getting him to stay off of a bike will be harder than getting Martha Stewart off on dirty sheets.

Way to go bro; better you than me.

And one last thing; this is oh so sauteed in wrong sauce:

Quit it you fucking morons, quit trying to be so cool, just ride your fucking bike!

As Buddy said before "Don't forget to flip the collar up on your shirt." And as I've said before, you're todays Dick Numero Uno.


buddy said...

Broke your shit OFF. That's awesome, Rich. Looks like you'll be datin' the stranger for a while. Then again I have no idea which hand you consider "the stranger." Come to think of it I'm kinda creepin' myself out. How 'bout I just leave it at 'Get Well Soon'? Yeah. Do that.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I like my stolen pic here, being picked on...without credit! Beotch!