Ahhh, Interbike; where porn truly meets two wheels. Not a ton of words; the pic's should speak for themselves; but I'll speak anyway.

Killer skatepark bike.

Peaty's awesome Santa Cruz.

The sweetest Intense yet. They're workin' hard for my money.

Ouch!!! But purdy.

Ooh, my Bianchi was purchased just in time or I think I'd spend the big dosh on this cutie.

And this honey's got my name all over it and may get my DNA all over it one of these days.

If money was no object.....

I repeat; if money was no object...

ROADTRIP! It was good enough for Ferrentino.

And one just 'cause.

Insert brilliantly funny remarks here.


Jimmy M. Espana said...

Cool bikes.

buddy said...

I'm not sure what Indy Fab's Skyway replica is "for" but I dig it. Of all the bikes I had as a kid my Skyway TA was by far the coolest. Chrome frame, Tuff wheels, those bitchin' red-white-n-blue Skyway pads. Killer job as usual from the folks at IF.