For destroying Easter! The Easter Bunny is dead!
I'm not sure when it went down, but it went down and thru a varmint who then shat it upon thy trail. Thankfully it was found the day AFTER Easter.

Nice little find on this trail:

And this'd be a nice trail nugget if it wasn't 40 freakin' degrees!

You hit this baby at top speed; the map said creek crossing and I suspected it would be the typical right angle crossing but as you can see you ride along the creek which creates a wall of water that I got to ride thru. Oh well it was worth the 30 second high speed descent with a few small jumps along the way.

A couple of rants:

  1. If you're going to have a race, don't do it on Easter! The promoter gets hosed and of course people bitch because the turn out is so low. Duh you dumb mother fuckers! RACE VIDEO
  2. If you use the digital camera put new batteries in it when they run out! That way when I take said camera on a trip it'll actually work and I won't have to use the tinker toy camera attached to my cell phone.

And lastly and in cahoots with Buddy's last post:

I'd always thought that to be a fast mountain biker who could climb shit you really needed to clip in. (It's the only way I could ever garner any speed and climb molehills.) But last week after a meeting in Arkansas I went for a ride with a co-worker who races BMX named Ronny and his friend. (Who's name's lost on me; let's go with Animal.) We rode the Lake Fayetteville trail which if rode clockwise is a fun trail that's 90% downhill. Well Ronny and Animal decide to take me the opposite way which makes it about a 4 mile sufferfest of a fucking climb; not too steep mind you but constantly up-fucking-hill. NO FUN WHATSOEVER. Of course being old school BMX'ers they didn't clip in and as you can probably guess Animal cleaned everything while Ronny cleared almost everything, and I walked/pushed quite a bit. About 80% of the way thru the trail I got my whine on and bitched 'em out; I'm sure they were just trying to punish me...and they did...the fuckers. I was worked and spewed things like: "DID YOU SEE THE OTHER 50 FUCKING RIDERS WHO PASSED BY GOING THE OTHER FUCKING WAY? KNOW WHY THEY FUCKING DO THAT? 'CAUSE IT'S FUCKING FUN TO GO DOWNHILL!" Asswipes. Anyway, I'd told them to come to Tulsa for some Turkey fun and they said they would. I'd originally thought I'd start them out on some beginner trails but after this ass whoopin' it'll be straight to Hi Chi and over to Millennium. Turnabout is fair play. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They better sleep with one eye up for awhile.


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