Supa Nationals ... Daaaaamn Right

My little boy Jake raced the ABA "Super National" in Desoto, Texas this weekend and had a blast. Friday was practice with a pre-race Friday night. It rained so much I thought that Noah was fixing to cruise by any minute but thanks to the wonderful covered facility of the Metroplex there in Desoto the races didn't miss a beat. Due to the water running through staging the gate may have gotten a little wet but hell, it does have "motocross" in the name, a little adversity thrown down by Ma Nature is good.

Speaking of doing good I couldn't be more proud of Jake. I don't say that because he killed everyone in the results but because of the whole package that he is. While he did ride really good and made 2 mains over the weekend (winning one qualifier to do it) it was his attitude off the track that I was really stoked on. On the track I could tell he was giving it his all while still remaining smooth. Off the track he played, made friends, and did what all little kids should do....some of you bmx nazi dad's should pay attention here.... He had fun! What a cool little dude.

I gotta take a minute here to say that I really think 6 year olds running clipless pedals on their BMX bikes is ridiculous. Hell, I think clipless pedals even being allowed in BMX for any age is worth questioning. Sure everyone goes faster but the racing just isn't as carefree as it should be. To me it takes the fun out of banging bars in the corners for fear of unclipping and it limits the amount of progression in riding due to the fear of NOT unclipping. Right now Jake may be at a disadvantage on the starts but we ain't doing this for results in 6I. I'd rather see him progress his riding, learn how to race in the corners, jump, manual, etc... Him having fun and progressing as a rider is why we do this stuff. I figure whenever results are important enough to him that he feels he needs to clip in he'll really do well. Or he won't....and we'll still have a blast riding bicycles together.

Do something fun with your kids. They're probably way cooler than you are. I know mine is.

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