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After 2.5 days in Vegas the following is true:
  • I won't shit right for a week. (No not like that.) But after multiple comp'd buffets and one night @ Ruth's Chris crapping now feels like a train's being pulled out of my ass instead of my usual nuggets.
  • If you get ahead of 'em early; gambling is a lot more fun.
  • 11 people in a limo is uncomfortable.
  • Most old timers that live in Vegas are bitter and should either a.) die or b.) get another fucking job. Your there for me, so kiss my ass and I'll tip you. Whine about how the old days were much better and I'll stiff you. PERIOD!
  • They should change the name to the "Bloody booger capitol of the world", fuck that's some dry air.
  • If you get ahead and play it right you can earn enough to cover half of the new FSRxc Pro you'd put on layaway for the wife before you left town. Spec's are here

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