nothing a few $$$ won't fix

Remember this post?
It's about my brother getting his first bike since childhood.

He'd been keeping me informed of how it was going; he was only riding it on the road to get a feel for what riding a bike is like. He soon realized that with his prior back problems that a dual suspension was what he really needed. Thankfully the guys (Jake) at T-Town were down with giving him full trade in price since there were no scratches and it hadn't been off-road. So anyway I arranged a trade date and we arrived with me fully intending for him to add about another G or so and get a FSR-XC. It being a good beginner bike and not that much more expensive. WELL...T-Town was busy when we arrived so I got down the only XL FSR-XC they had in stock. This wasn't the exact model he would get but he could ride it to get a feel for the sizing. While waiting on Jake my bro spies a 2006 Enduro Expert. Yes that bike, the one with the Fox 36 Talas, the one with the DHX 5.0, the one with the Juicy 7 brakes, yes the one with the SRAM x-9 derailleurs & shifters, and yes the one that retails for 3500 smackers. OK, he originally bought a $500 rig and now he's looking at something a "little" bit more. (At least it's little for him.) But one problem, it's only a large and bro's like 6'6" with the ungodly leg length of 38". So we put the two frames side x side and realize that the top tube difference is only about an inch or so. Bro being non-bike savvy points to the stem and gives it a "dang, if only that thingy was longer". Sooo...on goes a 110mm stem, out the door goes the bike for a parking lot test, off one curb, 3 pedal strokes, and one bro looking over his shoulder saying "Yep, this is the one!" gleefully.

The guys at T-Town do it up right and let him have the bike for a total of $2500, so instead of adding 1G he adds 2G's without a sweat. No one asked me but I think that's a banging deal.

I call bro about 3 hours later and ask him if he's ridden it yet or if he's still got it up on a milk crate staring at it. He said he is indeed out in the garage staring at it and will save it for his inaugral ride with me. I tell him to get it out of the garage and ride the bitch around his property; we'll get to the trails in due time. Best part; he called less than 24 hours later and he'd been out on it four times and asking what skills he needed to learn. I tell him the first simple thing is to learn how to raise the front wheel about 6" while seated and while standing so he can get over obstacles without fear. He calls about an hour later and excitedly tells me he's got it and he's had his first crash while riding over rocks on his property.

I hope he sticks with it and loves it like we do. There ain't nothing better than a few bro's riding dirt and passing gas like a pit crew at a Nascar track.

And lastly, remember Buddy's post about McMurtry: http://kungfubiking.blogspot.com/2006/10/mcmurtry-doesnt-rock-it-rolls.html How about a little video action? Right click and download this baby! http://www.pedalmasher.net/mark/stillwater.wmv It's got a little section where I biffed right after telling Buddy I couldn't reply to a question 'cause I needed to "focus". Great timing since I ate shit less than 5 seconds later. (It's the section where the guy spun out & unclipped at 4:50.) At least I had an excuse; my chain popped off due to the mega torque my fat ass was applying. Weirdest thing though, I never let go of the bars or uncllipped during my endo; I just rode the Fetish SS to the ground. BTW, hanging on for dear life doesn't cushion the landing.

Peace out bitches; I'm off to Vegas!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome video. Great choice of music. Five minutes is a long time to have to watch some guys ass, so next time try and get some hot biker chick to "model" the trail for us. The Moots girl would work for me.