No no no no no! Not worked but


I decided to take the old Giant ATX 760 rigid for a little ride today. You know how it is; I'll ride the smooth stuff, nothing too harsh, especially since it's only got a 1" steer tube.


Two hours later I'd ridden the snake run 3 times, the cool ass swoopy shit up top a handful of times, and then down the ridge trail thru the rock garden and over to boner/millennium!


Major props to the originators of this sport for riding rigid.


BTW, my dream of a step-up on snake run is now realized. It needs work, but it's a work in progress!

Maybe a pic of the Giant and the step-up some day, for now I'm off to Vegas!

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buddy said...

Sounds like a cool ride nonetheless. Everyone should ride Turkey on a rigid once in a while. (wow, considering the closet homo's out there that is a loaded statement) I'm anxious to check out the step-up on Snake Run. I was hoping to get out there on the Slayer this week but, with this training I've been in, that ain't gonna happen. ... Have fun at the Palamino Club!