is that the ..... sun?

We finally got a break in both the cold and the moisture here in Okieland and we have taken full fucking advantage of that. Sunday we rode 100's and had a blast. I rode Grant's 100 with full dirt track tires on the nicely prepped 2nd gear oval for just a few laps and I'm hooked again. Gonna take the knobby tire of the rear of mine and throw a dirt track tire back on a la American Supercamp. (ok, a bit of a confession here...i can't figure out how to hyperlink. i don't know if it has something to do with Kevin being the original owner of this account or what but i've tried to follow blogger's instructions and the buttons they tell me to use don't exist on my log-in. ... so forgive me for being outdated and retarded) ... Where was I? AH!! American Supercamp! Check it: http://www.americansupercamp.com . I haven't been but Grant has and he's conveyed a ton of great info that translates to all kinds of riding with or without motors. I wish I had some cool pics to post of this weekend's session but I only have this one from a few months back when things were still green. That's Van tryin' to figure out if he's got what it takes to ride Jake's bike while I gas up the hunerd.

Speakin' of Jake I busted him outa kindergarten Monday afternoon to ride dirt bikes. A very cool day indeed. Here he be lookin' smooth. Again, this pic from the same day as the other.

Tuesday the BMX track was finally dry enough for the kids to practice on and they all had a blast. It's nice to be back in the swing of things. On the way there I swung by T-Town and picked up a light. I threw it on the Rig last night for a nice backroad ride to blow some cobwebs outa my chicken legs. You'd think with a name like NiteRider it would talk to you or somethin' but no dice. Turns out it's just a light. Oh well. Works good.

And last but definitely not least, I finally got off my ass and sent my payment in for a membership to the P.I.T. Hot damn! I had heard enough of cool bootleg cd's and other things that i was missing out on. Now I've got 3 years worth of it on the way.

Long live the Evil Powers of Rock-n-Roll!!!


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