fupped duck

Fucked up has been my life lately. Not necessarily in a bad way; just an odd way. Take for instance the month of February. The shortest work month worked out to be my highest business travel month ever. I drove over 2800 working miles all in 20 days. Add in the fact that I probably spent 7 or so days in the office then the miles per day gets way out of whack.

It leads me to this:

That's right, free me! It's not all bad though, I still probably fit in a good 8-10 rides this month so I'm not complaining too much. Besides, I rode with my Bro several times and actually rode with a few old bro's too. But all this travel has paid off in spades on the business side. If all goes as planned we should have about a 25% growth spurt this year.

Speaking of spurts...I just passed my 43rd b-day and didn't get a single one. The b-day day was planned for a ride with Stacy & Justin, haven't heard of them in awhile eh? I got the ride in but just a few minutes into it the wife text messaged me saying the oldest kid was sick and our plans of a "fun" day were dashed upon the rock of puking kid.

Oh well, as always it could be worse. (But I do think I now hold the record for the most consecutive shitty birthdays!) Like I said it could've been an "Holy Shit!" day:

My "Holy Shit!" day came four days after my birthday!

Still it could be worse, and hopefully the doc doesn't tell me today that it is.

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