a real Hot Wheels car

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Yes THAT is a post about hot rods.

Yes THIS is a blog that is sort of loosely based around bicycles. Sort of. Sometimes. Unfortunately the weather has been too shitty for too long around here to get stoked on bicycles or anything else outdoors for that matter. Go ahead. You folks from cold climates can rail down on my lightweight ass right now about how much colder, snowier, and all aroudn shittier the conditions are where you live but you ride anyway blah blah blah.... That's great. I'm happy for ya. You are so hardcore. Me? Not so much. Usually when it gets cold and icey here in Okieland it's gone the next week. One week it's in the teens with ice and the next it's in the 60's. Therefore I've never invested in much cold weather cycling gear. One more winter like this and I will though. Until then, I'm checking out hot rod stuff. Those of you who ARE riding bikes in it? Good for ya.

You go ride...I'll just drink,

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kevin said...

Son-of-a-bitch! Talk about a neckshapper.